Kids In Hard Hats In A Field


Inspire kids to make healthy decisions.

Take Action

Goal 1Innovate The World Around You

Goal 2Build a Friends & Family Plan

Kid Pushing Shopping Cart In Supermarket
Photo Credit: Flickr/Sharron & Nikki McCutcheon
Pile Of Sugar Next To A Soda Can
Photo Credit: flickr/Shardayyy Photography

Goal 3Organize Local Events

Girl Standing At The Microphone
Photo Credit: Flickr/Brisbane City Council

Goal 4Expel Soda From Schools

Teens Pouring Sugar Out Of Bag Onto The Pavement
Photo Credit: The Bigger Picture featuring Alonzo Henderson, Obasi Davis, and Aman Jackson
Student Using Vending Machine In School
Photo Credit: Paul Richards/AFP/Getty Images
Woman Dumping Out Soda Cans
Photo Credit: The Bigger Picture
Students Walking By A Coca-Cola Truck
Photo Credit: flickr/Zac Attack
Kids Eating Snacks On A Table In A Classroom
Photo Credit: Flickr/North Charleston
Kids Using Blender Alongside A Chef
Photo Credit: Chefs Move To Schools

Goal 5Provide for Healthcare Providers

Anti-Sugar Poster by the Dentist Office Reception Area
Photo Credit: First 5 Contra Costa

Goal 6Fight Junk Food Marketing

Lebron James Sprite At The Supermarket
Photo Credit: Flickr/Mike Mozart
Women And Girls Wearing Mom's Rising Good Food Force T-shirts
Photo Credit: MomsRising
Anti-Sugar Poster On StoreFront Wall
Photo Credit: First 5 Contra Costa

Goal 7Act Up Locally