What is ActionLab?

ActionLab bridges the gap between inspiration and action. It is a social-action platform that taps into the inspiration audiences feel when they are moved by a story, and channels it into hands-on action.

What is a social-action platform?

A place where you can learn how to create change, connect with others, and get involved with issues you care about.

How is ActionLab unique?

Each campaign is connected to a story, told through films, books, news articles, museum exhibitions and live events. Unlike other platforms, which drive concerned citizens to sign petitions and pledges, ActionLab drives doers like you, towards experiences.

Who started ActionLab?

Neal Baer MD, who is best known for his work on the television shows ER, Law & Order: SVU and Under the Dome.

Who uses ActionLab?

ActionLab is a tool created for storytellers to help them easily lead their audiences to action. ActionLab can be quickly customized to activate audiences about any issue, making engagement accessible to all storytellers without distracting them from what they do best.


Neal Baer - Founder

Neal Baer, MD, is a pediatrician and adjunct professor with the UCLA Global Media Center for Social Impact (GMI), and is currently an executive producer and showrunner on the hit TV show "Under the Dome." Dr. Baer's past producing and writing credits include "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "ER." He has used storylines to educate audiences about youth reproductive health and rights, and to spur them to action about a variety of public health issues ranging from the importance of cancer screening, the untested rape kit backlog in American police departments, the epidemic of sexual violence in the Congo, and more. Dr. Baer works closely with GMI as an advisor on all aspects of Hollywood's entertainment industry and ActionLab.

Christine O'Malley - Producer

Christine O'Malley began her work in non-fiction on the Biography series before transitioning into long form documentaries.  O'Malley served as associate producer on the Academy-Award nominated film Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room (2004). Wordplay, the first feature film she produced, was nominated for Critics’ Choice and National Board of Review awards. O'Malley’s second film I.O.U.S.A., an examination of the size and scope of America's national debt, premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Recently O’Malley produced If You Build It.  The award-winning documentary was released theatrically and broadcast on PBS. O’Malley served as Festival Director for AFI DOCS Documentary Film Festival in 2014. She just completed the documentary All Work All Play about the phenomenon of eSports,  which will be released fall of 2015. Christine O’Malley is married to and collaborates with filmmaker Patrick Creadon. They have three young daughters and live in Los Angeles.

Stephanie Bleyer - Content Curator & Project Manager

Stephanie Bleyer is the founder of Six Foot Chipmunk, a New York-based creative project management firm. She is a leading expert in outreach and engagement. Since 2000, Stephanie has collaborated with marketing agencies, media companies, and nonprofits, producing live events, raising funds, and managing multiplatform national and international campaigns. She has worked with a wide variety of changemakers including: former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, UNAIDS, White & Case LLP, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Participant Media, Purpose, and the Creative Capital Foundation. Stephanie spent a few years abroad working for the International Organization for Migration, managing displacement camps in Sri Lanka and working with street boys in Nairobi. She holds a Masters of Public Administration from NYU's Wagner School of Public Service.

1 Trick Pony - Application Design, Development, and Strategy

1 Trick Pony provides web strategy, experience design, and technology implementation for influential organizations across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. 1 Trick Pony builds some of the most trusted, creatively impactful websites in the world with a focus on Content, Collaboration and Experience.