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Soda Politics

8 Goals

Learn how you can kick soda out of your home, school, and community.

Sodas are astonishing products. Little more than flavored sugar-water, these drinks cost practically nothing to produce or buy, yet have turned their makers--principally Coca-Cola and PepsiCo--into a multibillion-dollar industry with global recognition, distribution, and political power. Billed as "refreshing," "tasty," "crisp," and "the real thing," sodas also happen to be so well established to contribute to poor dental hygiene, higher calorie intake, obesity, and type-2 diabetes that the first line of defense against any of these conditions is to simply stop drinking them. Habitually drinking large volumes of soda not only harms individual health, but also burdens societies with runaway healthcare costs.

Take Action

Goal 1Expel Soda From Schools

Teens Pouring Sugar Out Of Bag Onto The Pavement
Photo Credit: The Bigger Picture featuring Alonzo Henderson, Obasi Davis, and Aman Jackson
Kids Using Blender Alongside A Chef
Photo Credit: Chefs Move To Schools
Kids Eating Snacks On A Table In A Classroom
Photo Credit: Flickr/North Charleston
Student Using Vending Machine In School
Photo Credit: Paul Richards/AFP/Getty Images
Woman Dumping Out Soda Cans
Photo Credit: The Bigger Picture
Students Walking By A Coca-Cola Truck
Photo Credit: flickr/Zac Attack

Goal 2Build a Friends & Family Plan

Kid Pushing Shopping Cart In Supermarket
Photo Credit: Flickr/Sharron & Nikki McCutcheon
Soda Being Poured Into A Coup With Sugar Packets
Photo Credit: Shape UP SF
Groceries On Top Of A Welcome Map
Photo Credit: The Horizon Foundation
Pile Of Sugar Next To A Soda Can
Photo Credit: flickr/Shardayyy Photography
Family Standing In Front Of Canyon
Photo Credit: Flickr/Peter & Joyce Grace
Coke Bottle In Mouth Art
Photo Credit: Marisol
Sugary Beverages On A Table
Photo Credit: Shape Up SF Sugar Science Training

Goal 3Fight Junk Food Marketing

Beverage Size Advertisement On Truck
Photo Credit: flickr/Daniel Latorre
Women Standing With Water Characterture At Water Spout
Photo Credit: Louisville Pure Tap
Women Going Down An Escalator Under An Anti-Sugar Campaign Poster
Photo Credit: First 5 Contra Costa
Women And Girls Wearing Mom's Rising Good Food Force T-shirts
Photo Credit: MomsRising
Lebron James Sprite At The Supermarket
Photo Credit: Flickr/Mike Mozart
Coca Cola Polar Bear Pouring Soda Into Trashcan
Photo Credit: Food Day
Anti-Sugar Poster On StoreFront Wall
Photo Credit: First 5 Contra Costa

Goal 4Organize Local Events

Todd Putnam In A Hallway
Photo Credit: Astrid Riecken/For The Washington Post
Girl Standing At The Microphone
Photo Credit: Flickr/Brisbane City Council
Kids And Volunteers At A Healthy Drink Festival Table
Photo Credit: The Bigger Picture
Instructor Discussing Healthy Foods With Kids In Classroom
Photo Credit: Philip Greenberg

Goal 5Disrupt Your Kid's Classroom

Goal 6Provide for Healthcare Providers

Dentist Examining Patient's Teeth
Photo Credit: flickr/Conor Lawless
Patrons Walking By A Coca-Cola Kiosk At A Conference
Photo Credit: Associated Press
Anti-Sugar Poster by the Dentist Office Reception Area
Photo Credit: First 5 Contra Costa
Latino Women Having A Discussion On A Residential Block
Photo Credit: HBO/Weight of the Nation

Goal 7Act Up Locally

Soda In Retail Store With A Label Disclaimer
Photo Credit: Open Truth Campaign
African American Male On A Bullhorn In Front Of A Congress Building
Photo Credit: flickr/Fibonacci Blue
Women Standing At A Sugar Awareness Table
Photo Credit: Soda Free Summer Campaign
Man Standing Outside In A Stop Big Soda T-shirt
Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Anti-Soda Poster On The Street
Photo Credit: Robert Galbraith/Reuters
Woman Picking Up Soda Inside Of A Supermarket
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Goal 8Wage War on Obesity

Women Stretching In Church
Photo Credit: Getty Images
Sugar Cubes On Display I Front Of The Beverage They Represent
Photo Credit: Randall Michelson
Obese Person On A Bench
Photo Credit: flickr/Tony Alter
Kid Pick Up Carrots In A Cafeteria
Photo Credit: flickr/USDA