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Find ways to improve the health of all Americans.

Take Action

Goal 1Innovate The World Around You

Goal 2Build a Friends & Family Plan

Soda Being Poured Into A Coup With Sugar Packets
Photo Credit: Shape UP SF
Groceries On Top Of A Welcome Map
Photo Credit: The Horizon Foundation
Family Standing In Front Of Canyon
Photo Credit: Flickr/Peter & Joyce Grace

Goal 3Organize Local Events

Goal 4Disrupt Your Kid's Classroom

Teachers Learning About Food In A Classroom
Photo Credit: FoodFight

Goal 5Provide for Healthcare Providers

Dentist Examining Patient's Teeth
Photo Credit: flickr/Conor Lawless
Latino Women Having A Discussion On A Residential Block
Photo Credit: HBO/Weight of the Nation

Goal 6Fight Junk Food Marketing

Women Standing With Water Characterture At Water Spout
Photo Credit: Louisville Pure Tap
Women Going Down An Escalator Under An Anti-Sugar Campaign Poster
Photo Credit: First 5 Contra Costa

Goal 7Act Up Locally

Soda In Retail Store With A Label Disclaimer
Photo Credit: Open Truth Campaign
Women Standing At A Sugar Awareness Table
Photo Credit: Soda Free Summer Campaign
African American Male On A Bullhorn In Front Of A Congress Building
Photo Credit: flickr/Fibonacci Blue